Monday, April 2, 2012

Have you been the victim of Skinny Mirrors?

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The use of "skinny" mirrors can help you to feel better while shopping for a house to buy. I think this is the same technique used in department stores to make us look thinner,and thus, buy more clothing. Then when we get home and try on the same clothing we wonder why all of a sudden we look so fat!

Buyer beware!!
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 Skinny mirrors: You look great, and the house does, too
The latest trend in home staging is not something that makes a house or condo look great, but a trick that makes the buyer look better while they are inside the property: Skinny mirrors!
Source: The Washington Post
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Story #2

Mirror Images

A girlfriend of mine recently referred to her "fat mirror" (one that made her look wider and shorter) and her "skinny mirror" (one that elongated her frame). Is this a red flag for some major body image dysmorphia or is she on to something? For me, buying a mirror has always been about its frame and its shape. It never occurred to me that some mirrored reflections could be more accurate than others. And, really, who cares? What matters is what is on the inside, right? I know, I know. But let's indulge this narcissistic train of thought for just a moment.

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