Monday, April 23, 2012

Basketball Wives - Nia slaps Jennifer - lawsuit filed

Picture Source: Screen Junkies
Uh oh, I hear there's something brewing over in reality tv land over a lawsuit filed by Basketball Wives star, Jennifer Williams, against Nia Crooks. If any of you watch this show, on a recent episode Nia (in a fit of anger) ran from the other side of a long table and slapped Jennifer in the face.  I, for one, was shocked! It happened so fast!

The women on this show are prone to fighting every episode so I guess from that perspective it fits right in with the show, but the slap caught me by surprise.

I don't condone violence of any sort but this can't be for real.  It has got to be part of the show which OBVIOUSLY must be scripted.

These are "grown ass women" and NOBODY in their right mind would act like these women do on a weekly basis.  Right?? I mean c'mon!

According to Jennifer's attorney:
“I think the issue here is violence by women against women,” said personal injury attorney Sanford Rubenstein in an interview with CNN. “When an assault and battery occurs - whether it’s on national TV or in someone’s own home - it’s still assault and battery. Accountability is what this lawsuit is all about."
Here's the story
and here's the slap

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