Friday, April 20, 2012

The Bachelor reality show - 'Brothers' planning to sue ABC

Does anyone watch The Bachelor?

I'm not exactly proud of it but I admit, I watch it.
It's the silly fantasy of girl meets boy and love at first sight. I even do weekly recaps on my I'm Just Saying blog.

That being said, I have been painfully aware of the absence of African American contestants on the show, I mean heaven forbid there ever be an African American bachelor or bachelorette. I can see it now. Most all of the white viewers would probably turn the channel en masse. and then would come the letters of outrage pouring into ABC!

But, in 23 seasons, I have never heard of anyone speaking out on this obviously blatant omission.

Until now
A group of black men spoke about their threat to file a class action lawsuit against ABC and the producers of The Bachelor franchise for purposeful discrimination against people of color (African-Americans, Latinos, and Asian-Americans).
The two African-American men and their lawyers discussed their hopes for what they think will be a “landmark civil rights case that will move social justice and economic equality forward.” Said attorney Cyrus Mehri, ”They’re doing their small part in the Unites States’ journey to be a more inclusive country, to be a more diverse country, and to be a country that is far more tolerant than this series would suggest.”
Source: Your Black World
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