Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sh*t white girls say - was it racist?

Franchesca has received some negative comments about her video, sh*t white girls say to black girls. Some are saying the video is "racist" Are you surprised?? I'm not. Of course I understand what she was saying as I have experienced just about every comment in the video (even though the video was made as a joke). Many white people don't like to hear the truth (guess they can't take a joke when the joke is on them). But, what else is new? The video below explains it all very well.

What do you think? Was the video racist? 


  1. Thank you! So tired of the "Racist" comments. So many people don't understand Racisms true meaning and the far reaching ramifications of the power structure that supports it.

  2. I get very tired of people saying that this black person or that black person is "racist" Not understanding that you must have "power" to be racist. Thanks for reading!