Monday, January 23, 2012

The Nigerian woman's love affair with the weave

I am always on the look out for articles about the relationship between black women in Africa and their natural hair.

Here's one from Nigeria.

Monica Mark in Lagos
Picture Source: The Guardian
Curls allowed? No, say Nigerian women, who give it to you straight
In a world of dramatically contrasting poverty and wealth, it's a rare common denominator: the one social status symbol of choice that cuts across Nigeria's vast class and culture groups is hair extensions. And the longer and straighter, the better.

They are so popular that few women in the buzzing commercial cities of Africa's most populous nation openly wear their hair in its natural, curly state. "We're never taught to look after our natural hair, and it's something you're supposed to learn as a child, the way you learn to tie your shoelaces," said Yemi Akinrinade, 28, who struggled to persuade her own hairstylist not to straighten her curls on her wedding day.
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