Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Losing Weight and Eating Right for 2012

Ok so you know how we all make those New Year's resolutions each year. Well mine is to eat healthier and also to lose a few pounds. I'm going to follow the Petite Advantage Diet  (if you are 5'4 and under this diet could be just what you have been looking for) I heard about it on a talk show last week (at the moment I can't recall which show but it was someone I trust) anyway, the book was just released on Dec 27th and I have not been able to buy it at the local bookstore. I guess I could order it on Amazon but sort of didn't feel like waiting (instant gratification and all)

Achieve That Long, Lean Look. The Specialized Plan for Women 5'4" and Under. 
Hardcover: January 2012; $25.99 
ISBN #9780062025456

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The second thing is to really take a look at "what" I'm eating. We are killing ourselves with the food we eat. Many of the diseases so prevalent today are due to what we are eating.

Here's a video that was sent to me by a friend. If you are really serious about changing your eating habit and saving your life. Take a look.

Here's a viewer review:
Anderson's Eating DVD is a gift to humanity. This has changed my life forever! Do yourself a favor and buy 10 of these for your friends and family. You will learn the absolute truth about the power of eating the right food. You will know with confidence that you are doing the right thing. Learn the secrets to improved health. Learn that it's never too late to start eating right.


What's your New Year's resolution?

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