Thursday, January 5, 2012

Chan luu - My new fave jewelry designer

If you know me at all, you know that I am always excited about something. Right now, it's my new favorite designer, Chan Luu. I discovered her bracelets by accident as I was preparing to do my very own bracelet video. I immediately loved her style and the earthiness of her materials. Her bracelets come in a multitude of colors. Chan Luu also makes scarves (and clothing). So far I am more into the scarves and bracelets.

I thought I would show you a video of Chan shopping for materials in New Delhi India (you'll also get a little taste of New Delhi).  Video is in previous post today.

UPDATE: I just purchased my first Chan Luu bracelet! Love it!

****Secret- only one the wrap bracelets above is a genuine Chan Luu - the others are impostors. Can you guess the real Chan Luu??? 
I will reveal in my Youtube video coming soon

Stay tuned for more Chan Luu and my new video channel launching in January.

Meet Chan Luu

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