Sunday, August 28, 2011

On the Path 2000 - Sisterlocks 2 Wks after

A Journey To Inner Beauty
With Two Weeks under my belt-Life is Good and I've settled down (along with my hair)!  I've washed my hair once, which was 2 days after my session. My consultant believes that washing won't hurt and that it can sometimes help the hair settle.  I used the bands (actually I went out and bought my own cloth covered bands).  I thought it was quite a hassle getting them off after I washed my hair.  I used the Sisterlocks starter shampoo, no conditioner and rolled my hair. I put on a nylon cap on and let it dry on it's own. It was a little time consuming but it is my first time and I figure that will get better as I get more accustomed to dealing with my hair. I think that is due to the springy nature of my hair. I'm going to wash it one more time before my first re-tightening visit on Dec 2nd. 

I've decided that wearing  scarves or headbands is a good way to cover up the gray as I grow accustomed to it-and a good way to showcase all the unused scarves I have in my closet. Don't get me wrong.....there is nothing wrong with gray hair and I have certainly earned every strand but my hair is actually 3 different colors at this time.   My natural dark brown hair, my gray and the reddish-brown color I have chosen. I think in the early stages all of these colors along with the Sisterlocks is too much for the eye.   OK- maybe it's only too much for MYeyes.....but I'm covering it up for now. 

Here's a shot from the back.  I rarely get to see what I look like from behind. I can see There's not much gray in the back. There is a little scalp showing in the top portion. Since my hair is so curly, I can't get it to stay where I put it.

Not much to say about this picture.  Nice scarf???

I sent a few of the pictures from this site via email to the folks who were "worried" about me and my radical decision, along with those who thought that at 50 I should "grow up". (Locs.....don't you think you're a little old???).

I'm finding this whole experience to be a very enlightening and spiritual. I can feel the change in the way I carry myself. I am so proud of my n a p p y hair!

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