Monday, August 29, 2011

On the Path - The BIG Day- November 2000

The Day Has Finally Arrived

I started my journey with short hair. I have about 3-4 inches of natural hair with just a touch of perm on the ends.  My last relaxer touch up was in March 2000.  In May, when I first considered locs,  I returned to have most of the perm  cut out,  down to about 1/4  inch.  I have lots of gray coming in around the front (the halo) so I usually  color my hair.  My last color was done in July.  I opted to start the process without re-coloring to see what the Locs would like.  If I don't like the look it's my understanding that I'm going to be stuck with it for 6 months or so since I've heard that it's not a good idea to go lighter while in the initial locking phase.

The session started at 8:30 am.  I'm so excited! You can see some of the gray around the side of my face.  It actually  looks like I don't have hair around the front.

EEeek!! I was looking in the mirror when this picture was taken.  What a "scary" sight!

My kind, loving, and patient consultant, Che.  I look at her locs and can't believe mine will ever look like that. Her locs are gorgeous!  She has had Sisterlocks for about 2 yrs.  She says her hair was shorter than mine and that my hair (each fiber) is thicker than hers.  She said when she finished her session she looked like she had strings with little cotton balls on the end.

We're about 3/4 of the way finished.  I'm trying not to have heart failure, but I'm  really nervous.  My hair is thick and very springy and isn't lying down like all the pictures I've seen.  Che can hardly keep the parts separated.  We've had a great day, laughing, joking eating.  We watched TV and even looked at a movie.  A girlfriend joined us (a couple of times during the day) and my boyfriend showed up (he was very supportive) and took all the pictures.  (Thank you honey!)

Well, we're just about finished.  It's been a little over 13 hours and my butt is numb!  I can't believe her fingers still work.  Gee, and I don't see a part anywhere!  My hair is boinging out all over the place and I have cotton ball tips.  I'm wondering "what kind of hair is this anyway"???  Che chuckles and assures me that all is well (although at that moment I'm not sure I believe her).  She says my hair is is fine and my locs will be gorgeous!  We rolled the top portion so that I could see that the cotton balls could be tamed.

After the session I hurried home, excited but a bit perplexed.   Somehow I thought my hair would resemble the pictures I had seen of other people after their initial locking session.  The next morning I slept in late  and didn't take any phone calls.  I wasn't sure what I thought.  I needed some time to reflect.

***Update***I am sad to announce that Che Norman, my beautiful Sisterlock consultant passed away several years ago. She had the beginnings of MS when I knew her. Not sure of the date or cause of death. 

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