Thursday, May 26, 2016

Let the Sunshine in - Sisterlocks in the morning

I got a trim and a retighten yesterday - last one - before my move to Costa Rica.
Interesting shadows this morning from the sun coming into the window

Friday, March 11, 2016

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

What if it rains? And other hair dilemmas facing black women abroad

If you are a black woman traveling abroad -- or heaven forbid -- you are relocating abroad, I am pretty sure finding hair care and/or hair care products for "our" hair is a question that weighs heavily on your mind.

When I consider relocation, the 2nd most important question I ask (right after "where will I live?") is "who is going to do my hair?"

Some of you may not be as worried about the rain these days due to the increase in black women wearing their hair natural or wearing weaves, braids or other protectives styles, but the hair dilemma is real and effects black women no matter whether we are nappy or straight 

For my situation, try adding Sisterlocks to the equation, this only complicates the search even more!

I remember having the same hair questions when we were thinking of moving to Buenos Aires (I had NO luck finding any black hair care services/products there which ultimately led to my decision to not move there)

When I was in West Africa I expected to find a country full of natural hair but instead all I saw were weaves and braids.  Billboards advertising them were everywhere and I was shocked!

I don't claim to know much about the hair trends of black women in Costa Rica (yet). So far I have only seen the women on the Caribbean Coast, but I surmise that products and services are available -- at least on the Caribbean side. (I did not see anyone with Sisterlocks)

What black hair care products and services are available in the rest of Costa Rica? 

Not sure.

Are there salons that do relaxers or can do a press and curl? 

Are there any black run salons in the Central Valley?

Not sure.

What about my Sisterlocks?

Gotta know

So....My search continues

Stay Tuned...

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Locs N Lips


To end the year right, I made a trip down to Union Square to check out the Xmas decorations yesterday (since I did not dare go near that place during the height of the shopping season).

I stopped into Macy's to browse and met a delightful lady named Carla Thomas. She works in the make up department. We chatted for a bit and turns out we have some common interests (she's a writer, blogger, music lover and fellow traveller) Happy that I made her acquaintance.

Even though I have decided to use all natural products, I ended up over @ SmashBox and the lovely lady with me in the photo below, helped me with my brows and a new lip color (of course one cannot leave Macy's empty handed LOL)

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Teach the children well - Locs and kids

6yrs old She is doing her thing Tamia you are so sweet
Posted by Nakisha Murray on Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The best oil for black hair

Have you ever wondered what are the best oils for your hair?

Source black

We all want what’s best for our hair because the end goal is beautiful, healthy, growing locks! The problem is that sometimes we don’t understand the significant different ways we all must treat our hair to get to this point. 
Every type of hair is different, and therefore needs different types of maintenance. This is especially important when thinking about oils and what you put on your hair.
Every hair type needs a different type of oil. So let’s play matchmaker! According to celebrity hair stylist Corey Powell, “Hair oils are a great way to nourish and hydrate your hair, not to mention the perfect way to give your hair the exact vitamins and minerals it needs.”
He suggests that once you’ve determined the best oil for your hair that you treat your hair weekly with it, massaging it on your scalp and covering your hair with it as well. Doing a hot oil treatment will make these oil masks more effective.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Happy Birthday to my Sisterlocks - Reflection on 15years of being loc'd

Today is the 15th anniversary of my Sisterlocks! 
It has been a very pleasant journey and embracing the Sisterlocks lifestyle has been a joy! I would not trade it for the world!

But I tell you what I will change. That is, the number of locs that I have. I really love the fullness of my hair but I am going to be retiring in Costa Rica, and so far I do not see that there are any licensed Sisterlocks Consultants there, so I am going to have to re tighten my own hair. 
The thought of this task seems daunting to me. So with the approval of my current Sisterlocks Consultant, we are beginning to combine some of my locs.  Currenttly I have in excess of 500. I would really like to get them down to somewhere in the 300's. We'll see
Stay tuned for the outcome. 

Today in celebration if how far I've come. I am reposting from my blog in 2000.
An excerpt from the day I got my Sisterlocks and a some thoughts pro.

My (Sisterlocks) narrative journey begins 2 weeks before the big event. These are actual excerpts from my journal. My desire is to give others a sense of what brought me to this point and the feelings I encountered as I shifted my awareness to embrace my authentic beauty.
I'm writing this mostly for those who are considering locs or who are newly locked . I felt a sense of frustration because I had a difficult time getting information and I had many questions. Those of you who are comfortably past this stage may have no interest in reading about my thoughts so please click here to go directly to my site for photos, links, etc
Day 14-...... As a 50 year old African American perm-a-holic, I've sported a ton of hair dos in my time!! I can honesty say that I am truly exhausted with the traditional ways of dealing with my hair. When I look back on it now-I think it's a little strange-that I never really questioned why I relaxed my hair or why I willingly spent so much time and money on it. As far back as I can remember, getting my hair done was rarely an enjoyable experience. Mostly it was done out of necessity (or should I say... a "chemical" dependency). A good hairdo was somewhat like the illusive butterfly! Getting it right was always just beyond my reach! I remember one Saturday, I sat in an over crowded salon for over 4 hours waiting for my turn in the chair. What-in-the-world-was-I- thinking? And what in the world are so many other black women thinking as they faithfully march off to the shop each week only to have to endure the endless, senseless waiting! At least that time I had the good sense to walk out.
Today is the day 11/3/2000 
Well, we're just about finished. It's been a little over 13 hours and my butt is numb! I can't believe her fingers still work. Gee, and I don't see a part anywhere! My hair is boinging out all over the place and I have cotton ball tips. I'm wondering "what kind of hair is this anyway"??? Che chuckles and assures me that all is well (although at that moment I'm not sure I believe her). She says my hair is is fine and my locs will be gorgeous! We rolled the top portion so that I could see that the cotton balls could be tamed.
Nov 2015
After the session I hurried home, excited but a bit perplexed. Somehow I thought my hair would resemble the pictures I had seen of other people after their initial locking session. The next morning I slept in late and didn't take any phone calls. I wasn't sure what I thought. I needed some time to reflect.

I certainly do not feel perplexed today!

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