Thursday, April 16, 2015

How to look like you have thicker and fuller looking locs - Natural hair tips

Originally I wrote this post to talk about covering gray hair but in addition to covering the gray this product also makes hair look thicker and fuller.  This really appealed to me because I am not fond of the spaces where my scalp shows in between each Sisterlock (which are most evident right after a re tightening).

Graying hair-
I have nothing against gray hair but right now I feel like I have hair that belongs to 2 different people. The front is gray and the back is well....multi-colored from years of coloring. So I need to do something to get it back in line but do not want to dye it anymore.

Or just want a cover for thinning hair?

and/or cover those spaces where you would like hair to be but isn't
From the side
as you can see there is no spaces showing

What is so great about this product is that it was originally created as a solution for thinning hair. It helps to give you the look of a thicker and fuller head of hair.  This is a also excellent for anyone who wears locs or braids but does not to have their scalp to show. Also as we age many of us are beginning to thin. Often on the top, or, in my case, along my edges.

Toppik is easy to apply. Just sprinkle on the area you want to cover and go. 
That's all there is to it!

Toppik is made from natural keratin fibers that are magnetized with static energy. So they instantly intertwine with your own hair. It can even withstand rain but washes out easily with shampoo.

There are 9 shades. You can use one shade or buy a couple to make your own blend. It comes in 3 sizes. The small size (pictured below is $29 a larger size is $45 and the giant size for $79)

I am using 2 shades  here medium brown and medium blonde (I also bought gray - just for the heck of it) I like having some lighter hair around my front of my face and along the side so did not want to use only the medium brown.

for more information on this product check out their website


  1. I noticed that this product can cake up on the scalp. do you have a way to combat this, or how often do you wash it out?

  2. I haven't had that problem but I don't use it daily. I sprinkle just a little and rub it in with my fingers. Since I don't wash my hair that often or apply water it stays on enough to hide the grey that I have.

  3. i use henna and indigo on my locs. i have resistant grays. i am going to be doing a henna treatment next week. i had resigned myself to having to really keep up with the hairline (grays love that area the most)which was fine, but can be time consuming. thanks for the information on this product. i will definitely give it a try. love your locs and your blog!

  4. Hi Michelle
    Happy to be of help! I'm still using the product. I don't use it everyday but as I am being more accepting of the gray and as it turns out I now use the gray more than the brown cuz I like the silver look better! :)