Monday, September 22, 2014

Poppy & Plaid - Fashion NaturaL Hair and Lifestyle

A couple of weeks ago I went shopping for something to wear to my friend Maggie's wedding
After much searching I bought a poppy colored plaid blouse at Macy's
There was also a very pretty (matching) solid pleated maxi skirt but I decided not to buy the skirt
 Instead I decided to pattern mix the blouse with a pair of pants which I already had in my closet.

Over time I’ve become much more confident with wearing loud patterns, and figured out a few tricks
to make my pattern mixing look intentional, rather than loud

 Patterns become cohesive when you have one common color. Even if your patterns have several other colors that don't match up at all, it doesn't matter. That one common color will hold your outfit together and make your pattern combination look intentional. 

(Of course this is NOT the outfit I wore to the wedding) 

Pants by Halogen available from Nordstrom (last year)

Vince Camuto Plaid Drape Front Shirttail Blouse  (poppy) from Macy's (new)

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