Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Take the Hair Love Challenge

Because.....If you don't love your hair who will??

I'm almost (and I repeat - almost) at the point where it doesn't bother me when people think that this is NOT my real hair. It's been a journey though. People come up to me almost every day and make some comment about my hair, ask me how long it takes to "put those in", etc. Fortunately most of the comments I get these days are  positive, but...many people still have a hard time believing that my hair is my own.  E-ven people who knew me 12 years ago, saw me cut ALL my hair off and start my locs growing with only 3 inches of hair, will ask me if my hair is real (if you have not seen my journey - please watch my hair story video on the sidebar).
Now, I can spot hair extensions, braids and weaves a mile away -- but I guess if you aren't used to seeing black people with long hair you might automatically think that any long hair is fake. To complicate matters, I do realize that I have a lot of hair!! Many conversations end with those words we hate to hear "can I touch it?" That question doesn't bother me as much these days either because, at least they are willing to learn. You gotta start somewhere.

So, the question remains...."why do I love my hair?"

I guess we are supposed to say why in a video. Want to try it? If you do, I will too.

Stay tuned for my video

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