Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Take the BitchFace Challenge!

I had a ball making this slideshow. I just sat down at my computer, turned on my self-timer and went to town. These are all back to back expressions – no retakes. Bitchfacing comes natural to me. People are always mistaking my expression for a Bitchface (and if you've been around me for any length of time you know I'm telling the truth) But, the fact is, I'm really very nice (right?), I just have one of those faces that in its resting state – sometimes suffers from the RBF (Resting BitchFace) syndrome (I think men often thought it was the angry black woman syndrome).

I used to get the following comments constantly (especially at parties)
“Are you bored?”
“Oh I’m sure you just want to get out of here. [Laughs.]”
“You’re not having a very fun time, are you?”
“Are you mad at me?”
“Are you sure you’re okay? You don’t look okay?”
“I was intimidated by you when I first met you.”
“I thought you hated me for so long.”
“Why don’t you try smiling some time?”

Recently Tavi Gevinson (The Style Rookie) appeared on Jimmy Fallon where she gave him instructions on how to make a "bitchface".

So Tavi and Jimmy Fallon think they got what it takes huh? Well, I challenge them and you to a Bitchface smack down. I've had many years to perfect the technique. After all, I was doing BitchFace BEFORE it had a name.
Now,  here's where the BF comes in handy. Next time someone is wasting your time or is pissing you off just choose any one of the assortment of BFs from my video. You can use passive-aggressive to aggressive-aggressive.  If you are continually criticized, just keep bitchfacing.

Just remember there’s a B I G difference between a BitchFace and a BITCH! Just Sayin!

Check me out! Old School BitchFace

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