Sunday, September 2, 2012

Bottles and Bangles - A Simple project to reorganize your jewelry

Ever wonder what to do with all those bracelets you have? Well, I for one, have a TON of them and I stored them in one of my closets in pretty boxes but....I really can't see them without dragging the boxes out and dumping them out. (who has time for all that when you're rushing off to work?)

I saw an idea on Facebook where beer or water bottles were used to stack bracelets and I thought that seemed like a good idea so I decided to improvise a little and to use some of the pretty bottles I had stored away in a cabinet to make my bracelet stacker.

Now I have them right in front of me to use and also to enjoy looking at.

Here was my inspiration for the project

I started with my own bottles

Here's my finished product

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