Thursday, August 16, 2012

Unwritten Rules Episode One - First Day

There are several episodes of the Unwritten Rules which I need to post to catch up. Then I will post them as they are released.

Here's episode #1 -  First Day

BTW - I've had the "first day" experience on occasions too numerous to name and many of them were during the 60's.  From attending elementary schools, high school (got a slight break in school as there were 125 African Americans at my college) and then back to being the one and only on most of my early jobs. During those days it was "just the way it was" so I never really tried to speculate on what was really going on in the minds of the white people who were the majority. I did what I had to do and saved my opinions for the times I was around my family and close friends. I must say, thinking back, it was not a time I would like to repeat!

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