Sunday, March 25, 2012

My African headwrap design for long locs

Sadly, I was unable to make the gele work for me. Putting my locs inside the wrap made me look like I was about to give birth to an alien baby so I grabbed one of my scarves and decided to come up with my own style leaving my hair out. This style works well for me because I love hats, and alas, my head is too big to fit most of them so I fashioned this one to look like a hat in back (sort of?).

back view
I particularly like this wrap because of the design in the scarf
I tried to make the back resemble a hat
front view
This was a very comfortable style to wear. I had on a sweater and jeans

locs outside the wrap
I played around with several styles and fabrics today with pretty good success, 
so I will post some additional pictures this week

78X30 100% Wool by La Fioerentina
***Oh, I finally found a shoji screen to use as a backdrop so I can begin to do videos. I have seen bathrooms with shower curtains and bedrooms used in many videos -nothing wrong with that -  but I would rather keep my background a little more neutral - maybe I will showcase different things by hanging them on the screen - we'll see. Once I get that together I'll let you know when and where to tune.

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