Friday, March 23, 2012

My "first" stylish African head wraps

First photos of me experimenting with tying the African head wraps
(I made some of the photos bigger because for some reason my blog is not working correctly when you click the photo to enlarge)

using a scarf and instructions from yesterday's video

leaving hair out

African fabric I bought in Senegal

African fabric gift from Guinea Bissau, Africa
this fabric is VERY stiff

a scarf - I might not wear this one exactly like this but wanted to practice

Lily and Lola usually don't like to be photographed but for some reason they both jumped into the shot.

I have another video which I just discovered (now I find it) anyway, I'm going to post it over the weekend and then tie the fabric wraps and tie a gele too (maybe). I'll post the photos on Monday. Stop back by

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