Monday, November 28, 2011

Meet a Newbie Loc Star - Tyleshia

How long have you worn your hair in a natural hairstyle? 

I have been natural for a one and a few months. I cut all my relaxer off on May 11,2010 ( I went without a relaxer for a year prior to that day, and big chopped.) What is your hair length? Stretched/flat ironed my hair is to my bra strap. I have a picture of me stretching it out. 

What natural hairstyle do you currently wear? 

I wear my hair as a loose natural. I like to put mini twists in it from time to time. I love wearing my twists outs, and also my signature hair puff. I like wearing those styles, because they are very simple and easy to do. Also, I like how thick my hair look in those styles.

Why did you decide to wear this natural hairstyle?

I decided to go natural because it’s healthier for me and my hair. When I had a relaxer, my hair was very damaged and didn’t grow. I also feel that being natural shows little black children and older, that our hair is beautiful and that we do not have to change it for anyone!!

Do you recall any negative reactions to, or comments about your natural hair? 

I mostly receive positive feedback, but it’s some select people that do not like my hair. I do not care about their opinions anyway. I recently had a negative feedback from an old friend of mines. I had to educate him on natural hair. People are not used to seeing natural hair, especially black people. And when they see it, they are taken a back. The best advice I can say is do not take the comments as something serious. I know that some can be very hurtful, but that should stop us from being ourselves. 

What changes have you seen (If any) in the way people react to natural hair since you began wearing your hair natural?

Well, I noticed that a lot of older black men like my hair…lol. I also get more respect from others. I even get called Queen!

What is the routine you use for maintaining your hair? Any products you recommend?

I wash my hair once a week with either black soap or Giovanni Tea Tree Shampoo. Sometimes I co wash (wash with conditioner) through the week. It depends on my mood. I’m pretty low maintenance when it come to my hair. I just leave it alone and let it grow how it suppose to. I plait my hair every night before bed, and wear my satin bonnet. One staple of mine is shea butter. I love shea butter. I use it on my hair and skin. It gives my hair this softness, and my skin a beautiful glow. I also like to used Africa’s Best Herbal oil.

Who I am and what am I up to? 

Well, I’m just an average young lady from Louisiana (Baton Rouge). I am in college, and is majoring in business, specializing in Human Resource Management. I love to read!! Mostly African history books and romance. I have this new found love of connecting with my brothers and sisters in Africa and also in South America and the Caribbean. I love scary movies and comedy movies. Getting on Youtube is a hobby of mine…lol.

Last but not least....has anyone ever asked you the question "is that your real hair?" If so, how did you reply?

 Oh yes, I get asked that a lot!!! Strangers even walked up to me and touched my hair without my permission. One thing I can say is having natural hair is exotic or fascinating to others. I get stares a lot, because I wear my hair big and wild.

Thank You Tyleshia

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