Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Ed Epperson - Hair-Story

How long have you worn your hair in its current natural hairstyle?

I've had my locs for 6 years

What is your hair length?


 What natural hairstyle do you currently wear?


 Why did you decide to wear a natural hairstyle?

I knew a lady who had this natural hairstyle that I really liked. I didn't know what it was called but I liked the way it looked. One day, I told her that I liked her hair. She explained to me that the style was  called Sisterlocks.  She told me that I could wear the same style but called Brotherlocks for men.  I was surprised and very interested cause I really liked her hair but no way did I think my hair could grow that long.  Turns out she was a Sisterlocks Consultant, and I was her first male client. It took 16 hours. I love my locs and have NO plans to ever cut them off!!

 Do you recall any negative reactions to, or comments about your natural hair?

I recall many comments. In the beginning people thought I was crazy to get this hairstyle. I used to wear a pretty nice natural and all of a sudden here I was with all these wild little strings sticking out all over my head. Of course I didn't find out until later that they had been making all of those negative comments.

What changes have you seen (If any) in the way people react to natural hair since you began wearing your locs? 

Many, many changes. I get lots of compliments now. People are always asking me questions about my hair. They often comment on the color. They ask about the style (many people mistake my Brotherlocks for "dreads") I usually take the time to explain the difference.

What is the routine you use for maintaining your hair? Any products you recommend?

I just get up in the morning and finger comb it (sometimes) :) They are ow maintenance. I use the Sisterlocks starter shampoo. I  have it retightened religiously every 6 weeks. It takes my consultant between 3-4 hours now. She charges $20/hr. I enjoy my retightening sessions. We watch movies on the giant flat screen Tv and do a lot of talking. Makes the time go faster.

Who I am?  
I am really focused on a new and healthier lifestyle. I've cut down on many of my old vices (I won't bother to name them here). I still work but am looking forward to retiring soon as I would like to travel. I eat right and work out consistently. I enjoy movies, sports (Raiders) and oh, I ride a Harley Sportster.

Last but not least....has anyone ever asked you the question "is that your real hair?" If so, how did you reply?
Oh my goodness, I get this question often. I usually just reply "yes".  I even had a lady reach over and touch my hair on a crowded elevator. Guess her curiosity (and her manners) got the best of her!

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