Monday, November 14, 2011

Are Black Men Attracted to Natural Hair?

Why are older men attracted to women with natural hair
Picture Source: Hub Pages
Some young black women who are wearing two-strand twists, afros, Banti Knots, twist outs, braid outs, etc, say they are finding that older men are attracted to them and they are getting attention from men who are old enough to be their uncle, so what is the cause for this,

Some say its because men 50 and older remember the styles of the 60's and the afro style makes them reminisce of the past of hippies era.
So what ever the reason women who wear their hair in natural curly kinky styles are getting noticed and it is on a upswing and is positive.

It is causing women to love themselves more and the attention of a man who is attracted to their natural hair is more reason to keep up the fight for showing the world that it is okay to be different and conformity is not always the best especially if it is causing unnecessary damage to ones hair.

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The video is a couple of years old but I think it is still relevant

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