Wednesday, October 5, 2011

In Search of African/African American Hair Trends

Photo Source: African American Hairstyles
As I was doing some research for this new blog, I began to look into the attitudes of people in the US toward African American natural hairstyles such as dreads, locs, twists, etc.  Closely tied to the way we feel about our hair, are our feelings about our personal beauty and self image.

That got me wondering about the attitudes of Black people in Africa toward natural hair. What are the hair trends and what are their feelings about beauty and self image?  

So, I set out in search of answers (which weren't so easy to come by -- I might add).

Anyway, I thought this blog would be a good place to discuss those attitudes. Over the coming weeks and as part of my ongoing research I will be posting a series of articles, photos and videos illustrating what I find, from both the African and African American perspective.

I hope that in the end I can help people to gain a better understanding and foster some dialogue on the topic.

Feel free to comment and/or share any knowledge you might have on the topic.
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Omo Valley Tribes- Ethopia

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