Monday, October 24, 2011

A Fireman's Hair Story - Steve - Roc'n Loc Star

How long have you worn your hair in locs?

Feb 2006 was when I  had my hair locked.  It was scheduled for 2 days, but my loctician was able to complete it in a day.  Currently my hair is NL, although, prior to me cutting it in March of 2010, it was SL.

What natural hairstyle do you currently wear? 

My style is BrotherLocs.  I choose that method over the tradition locs because there was no use of Beeswax or Gel to start the locking process

Why did you decide to wear this natural hairstyle?

For some reason, I always had a fascination for dreadlocs, but didn't think my job would allow this type of hairstyle (Firefighter)  After being on the job for 20 years, I said; what the heck.  The only thing they can do is to have me cut them.  I've never had a problem with the style, but I have with the length and that's the reason I cut em down.

Do you recall any negative reactions to, or comments about your natural hair? 

So far I haven't received any negativity.  If anything, it's been more encouragement, even from the young white guys on the job.  LOL.  They look at me as a rebel

What changes have you seen (If any) in the way people react to natural hair since you began wearing your BrotherLocs?

When I'm in uniform, I notice that most African American citizens view me as someone who can relate to the African American community.  I also get the same impression when not in uniform and I'm in certain areas (hood) of the City of Chicago.

What is the routine you use for maintaining your hair? Any products you recommend?

I shampoo my hair once or twice a week, or more, if needed.  I use the Sisterlock shampoo and conditioner and most of the time I still braid it before washing.  Not always though.  I use a du-rag for sleeping

Who I am and what am I up to?

Currently I'm a Captain with the Evanston Fire Department (Evanston, IL).  I'm looking to retire the early part of 2013 and at that point I'm hoping I'm established as a Professional Photographer.  It's been a hobby for a number of years, and if I continue to take classes and shoot as often as I can, I will reach my goal.  Other hobbies include; bike riding, and every now and then, picking up my guitar and practicing.  I love travelling, theater, listening to live jazz music, being by the water, and just being open to things I've never done long as it's safe.

Last but not least....has anyone ever asked you the question "is that your real hair?" If so, how did you reply?

As a matter of fact, the only time someone asked that question was about a week ago.  The wife of a former co-worker, who hadn't seen me before my locs, asked if they were extensions.  She was really amazed at the length.  I just had to laugh

State: IL
Loc Method: Brotherlocks
Loc'd Since: Feb 2006
Hair Length: NL


  1. Thanks Devon. I'd like to give a shout out to my loctician, Dianne Belin. I've been with her from day one, and she does a fantastic job.

    1. Does anyone know how I can reach Dianne Belin?