Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Natural hair blogger: scores feature in BBC video

Source: BBC Videobloggers make millions through online content
Have you heard of Franchesca Ramsey? Well, if you haven't, Franchesca (or Chescaleigh) is 27 years old and she’s a blogging vlogging phenom.  She is virtually everywhere. 

I came across her quirky and funny videos when I was doing some hair research for this blog. She has a great natural hair site (and she is going to be one of my featured roc’n loc stars) Yay! Stay tuned!

Anyway, I found her hair site to be very informative and I really enjoyed her hair videos, so I subscribed to her youtube channel. While there I learned that she is also a comedian and a graphic artist (probably not in that order). She’s quite the busy young lady.

Today I went to her site and discovered that the BBC did a write up on “Videoblogggers make millions through online content” and guess who they featured? You guessed it. Franchesca.

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