Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Abeba: First Roc'n Loc Star!

I am happy to feature Abeba as my first Roc'n Loc Star. I have known Abeba for many years. She is a motivated Bay Area business woman, author and clothing designer.  She also has a gorgeous head of locs!

          Meet Abeba
How long have you worn your hair in a natural hairstyle? What is your hair length?

1started wearing braids in the 70's with my own hair then started adding hair to keep it neater longer in late 70's. The longest part of my hair touches my butt. WL

What natural hairstyle do you currently wear? If you wear locs, what is your loc method?

I wore braids for 23 years. I'm 55 years old as of May 22, 2011. I have been wearing Sisterlocks since January 25,1999

Why did you decide to wear this natural hairstyle?

I always liked braids but contemplated having tradtional locks for 10 years and was ready to get them but I like wearing hats and traditional locks can be big and my hat wearing days would be over, then I saw Sisterlocks – unexpectantly-  and that was it. 

Do you recall any negative reactions to, or comments about your natural hair?  

One guy years ago when I was wearing braids saw my hair pressed and curled and said “why do you wear those ropes in your hair?” and I said “I like them.” I could have said “why are you bald?” but that would have been a cold statement since he lost his hair at an early age. 

What changes have you seen (If any) in the way people react to natural hair since you began wearing your natural/locs/twists, etc?

Everyone has always liked my hair; press and curl, Jeri Curl, perms, braids, now sisterlocks.

What is the routine you use for maintaining your hair? Any products you recommend?

You don't want to know my maintenance routine. You'd wonder how do I still have hair! 

Who I am and what am I up to?

I'm a 30 plus year entrepreneur, with a store in San Leandro, CA since 1996 and had another store nail care business and jewelry store in Oakland in the 80's till mid 1996.

I sell wearable clothing jewelry and accessories. I design some of the clothing and jewelry and showcase local and out of state designers in my boutique. I'm a Christian that loves the lord and am involved with several ministries at church. 

My other business and aka name is the Krazy Kracker Lady. I have been a raw foodist, now raw food vegan since Jan 2000. I am the author of 4 international best selling books talkin about how to make raw dehydrated krackers along with some other raw food treats such as kale salad, jicama salsa, raw breads, soups, desserts and much more, I've been blessed. 

My website for the krazy krackers is 
My you tube channel is 
krazy kracker lady where you can see a host of videos. 

My boutique website is still under construction. Making jewelry used to be a hobby but now it's a business, doing things outside of work is something I'm seriously working on. I used to travel quite a bit and take time to enjoy myself outside of work but I've let a lot of other obligations come first. 

My goal for the rest of this year and from here on out is to take some me time and know it's ok!

Last but not least....has anyone ever asked you the question "is that your real hair?" If so, how did you reply?

Most people love my locs but I don't like it when people want to touch my hair or ask “is that real” or “how do you wash it?”, I think those are such stupid questions!!

God bless you my natural hair care lovers

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