Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A New Path

August 2011 - A New Journey Begins

I created a website back in 2000 called "On the Path" to chronicle my Sisterlocks journey. Back then, there was no youtube and no digital cameras (well they may have been in existence but they were way too expensive for a novice to purchase). We had to use a regular camera and then, the big thing of the day was -- "One Hour Photo" processing. WOW! We had to wait in anticipation for the pictures to be developed and then put them online.

I consider myself a pioneer of sorts because, when I launched my site there were only a handful of other people who had websites. I got a gazillion visitors to the site and many, many questions from interested and curious people who were considering making the change.

A few yrs into it, I lost the password and no longer had access to the website program I used to create it, hence the site sat idle and was not updated for 9 years. Now that I have this wonderful new blog, I thought it only fitting to resurrect the info and include my thoughts from back in the day along with photos from my journey (which now seems soo long ago).

As I approach 11 years of "loc'd ness", I again feel a longing to share experiences with others on the journey. As I contemplate writing yet another blog I am astonished at how far we have come in our acceptance of our natural hair and I am amazed at the sheer number of people coming together in support of this movement (and take it from me there has been a huge change). I am well aware that in this new electronic age of blogging and vlogging there are many, many websites to choose from. There are lots of photos, tutorials and products to buy. I hope that I can bring a little different flavor to the table. Intermingled amongst the photos, tutorials and the products I want to also explore being natural from another side....the inside.

We are more than our hair

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