Friday, August 19, 2011

Get Featured! How to share your Hair-Story

If you have been natural for at least 5 years and would like to share your hair-story please answer the questions below.

You can copy and paste the questions into an email or you can email this post to yourself (use the m at the end of the post). Your answers can be as long or as short as you'd like.

1. How long have you worn your hair in a natural hairstyle (month/year)? What is your hair length? (see hair length abbreviations below) (for men tell how long you have you been loc'd)

2. What natural hairstyle do you currently wear? If you wear locs, what is your loc method? (Sisterlocks, traditional, etc)

3. Why did you decide to wear this natural hairstyle?

4. Do you recall any negative reactions to, or comments about your natural hair? If so please give an example(s)

5. What changes have you seen (If any) in the way people react to natural hair since you began wearing your natural/locs/twists, etc? 

6. What is the routine you use for maintaining your hair? Any products you recommend?

7. Who I am and what am I up to?  (Please tell us a little about who you are and what things you are interested in. You are free to include, what state you reside in, family, hobbies, businesses, charity work, videos, etc)

8. Last but not least....has anyone ever asked you the question "is that your real hair?" If so, how did you reply?

Please be sure to include at least one photo (if you are going to submit a picture of the back of your hair, please also include a front view photo as well) Videos and slideshows are encouraged.

There is no age limit but I would really like to encourage natural wearers over 40 to submit their hair-stories as I think this group gets less exposure in media, magazines, etc. So tell your mom, dad, grandma, grandpa and friends about the site.

email to me at

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Hair Length Terms (abbreviations)

EL:  Ear length

NL: Neck length

SL: Shoulder length

APL: Arm Pit length

BSL: Bra Strap length

BSB: Below Shoulder Blade

MBL: Mid Back Length

WL: Waist Length

HP: Hip Length


  1. Thanks for posting these hair length terms. I'll be sure to check out your blog whenever you update it. :-)

  2. Please do. Thanks for stopping by