Tuesday, August 16, 2011

About Me

Welcome to my new blog. This is my 4th.

and yes, 
this is my real hair!

Have you ever been asked that question? I certainly have and Way more often than I would like. Which was actually part of the catalyst for me writing this blog.  

I've often wondered, "Why" people ask that question. Is it because African American women are not supposed to have long hair (unless its a weave or extensions)?    

One person had the nerve to argue with me about whether this was my "real" hair or not (and gee, what if it wasn't?)  Imagine being challenged about your own hair!  And, even when I let her touch it, she still didn't believe me (where-are-the-manners, people!).

So I decided to fight back by doing a blog about how totally roc'n it is to be an African American woman with long natural locs!  and...I'd like to add that it's pretty darn sexy to see a guy with long locs too so fellows this blog is for you too!

The other BIG reason I'm doing this new blog is because I had a website back in 2000, when I first started my locs. It was called  "On the Path - My journey to Sisterlocks"  Many people visited the site and read my hair-story before embarking on their own journey.
I will include it on this site.

So all you folks out there with long natural locs -- this blog's for you!

This blog is not really a forum (altho comments and discussions are welcomed and encouraged). I also have to say right off, I'm neither a loctician nor a cosmetologist. I'm just a regular person who happens to wear locs going on 11 years. I hope that will give me some credibility. And, although I will research topics to the best of my ability and attempt to contact reputable sources about the topics discussed I am not a licensed hair professional, so (as I'm sure you will) use your own descretion about the information you find here and decide what's right for you.

So here's what I would like to include in this blog:

Hair-stories and articles as well as interviews, photos and videos along with hair care products, a little black hair history and hair styles for long locs (something I really need).
*** long locs refers to ANYONE who has had natural hair (any style) for 5 years or more. Hopefully this blog can also be a resource for anyone on the natural hair path.

To begin,
I encourage you to share your own personal hair-story.  We learn so much from the sharing of information, so please share (and tell your friends). You can share your hair-story using photos or video. Your choice.

I love questions and comments 
so email me anytime 

Now, let's get this party started!


  1. Wow, that's RIGHT. You did have a website back in 2000 about your Sisterlocks journey. That's how you and I met.

    My own locs have come and gone twice since then. :)

    Maybe I'll loc again. In the meantime, I'm still natural, just rocking a short cut.

    I bet there are some folks who are thinking my locs weren't MY real hair either. LOL

    Can you believe my own grandma never believed my locs were my real hair? One day when I talked about how hot it was, she said I should just cut the extensions out of my hair.

    Grandma, say WHAT?

    Any way, I'll probably let it grow out as it gets cooler outside.

    In the meantime, I'm thinking about henna...

  2. Wow, that was sooo long ago huh? I hear you too. My mother never really liked my locs that much (I don't think). She told me one day "you know they are making really good hair extensions these days" Implying that I should get them for myself. Why do I need hair extensions when I already have hair?? Duh! Never could figure her out except that she was old school in that way. Nappy hair was not acceptable and something to be ashamed of. Better to get myself some real "hair" . Remember when we used to chat about the "moms" in our lives! LOL