Friday, January 27, 2012

Stacy London to host new fashion TV show

One of my favorite fashion TV shows through the years has been TLC's "What Not to Wear".  Love the advice of Stacy London and her sidekick Clinton Kelly. I'm not sure if the season is in hiatus right now or not because I notice that Clinton has been on another daytime show on ABC called "The Chew" doing quickie audience makeovers.

Stacy London on the other hand, has a brand new venture. London will be  producing a new TLC show focused on helping plus-size women find knockout fashions.
According to Huffington Post: Just like "What Not to Wear," the show (and Stacy!) will give women advice on how to reconfigure their wardrobes and beauty choices to look their best, but on her new show, Stacy will give three customers advice per episode, instead of just one.
The show has been picked up but there is no start date as yet. Stay tuned.

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